Monday, October 31, 2011

While tanner was still in afganistan. He told me he planned a Surprise birthday/anniversary since he missed those things. We successfully waited for the actual surprise. It was so fun and may i add he did a pretty good job planning. he scrapbooked the itinerary. (i love his creativity) the day we started we Went shopping at the outlets, Ate dinner at Red Banjo on mainstreet. (pizza and pasta) we ordered the silver king. then went to the rocky mountain chocolate factory for dessert. second day at breakfast at the romantic burger king. lol tanner ordered in room 1 hour massages. It was heaven. the girls did amazing job. it was my first massage and i love it. then we went back down mainstreet cause i love that place and i love the fall leaves down there. after we went to tj max for a bit more shopping. then got icecream and hot cocoa and 2 red box and went back to our hotel. I STAYED AWAKE FOR TWO FULL MOVIES. thats a big deal. lol and the next day ate breakfast at kneaders and went home. I loved my get away with him Tanner is doing awesome so far. its been a bit over two weeks and we are loving our time together. we have so much fun laughing, cuddling, hanging out, talking, and catching up on old times. I love him so much.

the sweet itinerary.
isnt this such a fun fence?

MY handsome
I love Tanner and I love fall leaves in P.C
some random vacant patio with coke stools, tables and umbrella's.
Wonderful getaway with the ONe WHom I LOvE

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Zabriskie Family said...

I am surprised that you guys actually kept a surprise! I am glad you had a good time!