Tuesday, February 21, 2012


OUr amazing agent. GIna is amazing!!!!!
WE are officially homeowners yippee!!!!
Our cute little cottage. dont worry that bush will be removed in a few weeks. there is a window behind it.

Today is the day we closed on our house. YIPEE !!!!

July 14 2011 I drove past 4 houses, Tanner had picked them up via afghanistan internet and sent me to them. I hated all but 1. I ran home told my mom i just found my house. her and my dad jumped in the car to go check it out . Thats where our journey began. Husband deployed and wife found a house. UH OH. It has been an absolute roller coaster. I have learned patience, excitement, frustration, tears, fighting, praying constantly, and everything else possible. I could teach a class on buying a short sale. 3 words for you. DONT DO IT. I would never recommend buying a short sale ever again unless you are ok with a process like ours. every time we would turn around with happy news it was followed with bad news. every time without fail. all the way down to two days prior to closing. Me and tanner have learned alot through this process. I KNOW PRAYERS are answered. i prayed and prayed through this whole process. each time we would get bad news never fail it did come with a miracle. we are sooooooooo excited right now. i want to thank my parents hugely for supporting us and being so upbeat about our house. they would drive past it every sunday after church. i would like to thank tanners parents for all their support and help in the final stages. we just did our last walk through. dont you worry our puppy gunner pooped in the house and on the welcome mat outside the door. he is just as excited. we are so ecstatic to buy our first house and move in to it and call it home. it is my cottage i always wanted, just a newer version. i have it all decorated in my mind, cant wait to get it out of my mind and on the walls and floors. thanks to all my friends who supported me in the long 7 in half months. I am soooo greatful to tanner who even though had doubts along the way still supported me and comforted me through our fights and tears about it. i just new it was my home and i didnt want to walk away and let anybody else take it. we are in love.

We had amazing landlords for 2 in half years. they were sooooo good to us through everything. i will miss them so much. they are the sweetest people i know. however i cant wait for my next journey in life. Our first 2 in half years was in a basement apt. with a deployment. our next journey will be a house with a new puppy and hopefully children when the time is right. 2012 will be a great year i believe. cant wait to buy cute rocking chairs for the outside and sip my lemonade on those hot summer nights. and have bbq's. CHEERS to one heck of a 7 months. OH HEY!!!!!!!!!!

Also my agent gina allen has been amazing to work with i just love her.!!!!


Jen said...

I am so excited! We are looking forward to great memories at your new home! Love you both!

Zabriskie Family said...

I can't believe it is finally YOUR house! I love it and I am so excited to see all the cute things you do to it:) Congrats I am so happy for both you and Tanner Oh ya and Gunner!