Friday, May 10, 2013

IT's OFFICIAL i'm running RAGNAR

September 2012
So tanner started to love running. He always wanted me to go running but i didn't enjoy it. My knees always hurt. So i thought maybe it's my shoes. they feel really heavy. So for my birthday we went to wasatch running where i was fitted for a pair of GOOD shoes. SAuconey's is what i ended up with. WEll i hit the track again and still didn't love it so i kinda gave up on it and decided i liked the eliptical a lot better. 

March 2013 
I started thinking about running again however breathing was always very hard for me. I LOVED running in elementary school but as i got into high school i developed excercised induced asthma. So that was another factor for me. I hate running cause i cant breathe. So this month i started thinking hmmm maybe i will try an inhaler again and test that out again. Sure enough it had started helping . Stephanie nielson MY HEro posted a video about ragnar. (she raced then had her flight crash well the following year her same team ran again for her.) well a couple on the team were running were hit by a texting driver and the husband was killed and the wife was critical. so she posted the video to remember them) WELL it looked like a lot of fun. Tanner REALLY wanted to run it. so we TExted KIM VAN KOMEN "hey is your team co ed?" "no its not how come?" "well Because tanner wants to run it but doesnt have a team" "WEll YOU should run it. TANNER: Ya juli you should train. So. I thought ok ill test it. LONG STORY SHORT:

MAY 2013
I have now been running about 9 weeks. IT HAS BEEN HARD. I started out 1/2 mile straight then a mile. week 3 I hated it. WE had run in 30 degree weather, snow, rain, whatev. I told tan and kim i hate it. im not progressing and im not walking ragnar. my legs dont allow me to keep going they give up so easily. KIm handed me dumbells and said to start doing lunges. WOW it worked. I ran 2 miles at the OVAL with stopping a tiny bit then the next day i ran three miles. OK maybe i will keep testing it. Well a week ago or so i had to run 80 min and guess what>> ?? I DID only stopping a bit on mountain view corridor. WOW I was totally impressed. MAYBE I Can RUN RAGNAR. I AM A Runner!!! I dedicate this race to tanner and KIM i could not have done it with out them. Tanner has run with me just about every time i go out. he is my biggest fan. at the beginning it was so cute. to see how EXcited he would get for me. he kept cheering me on and when i told him to keep going he would say nope im doing this for you. im staying with you. he is the sweetest husband in the world. KIm has always been there for me cheering me on. Every good run i would text her so proud of myself. 

Tanner and I have yet to have children so therefore this is my biggest accomplishment in my LIFE> I have HAd to work hard for this. for you who running comes simple i envy you. HOwever when i thought about quitting i thought man i dont want to have to re tell people i gave up. so i just decided to keep trying. i think about the finish line and i get so excited. I told tanner i just want you at the finish line i cant wait to jump in your arms. and even his mom totally wants to be there. isnt that the most supportive mother in law. so sweet. 4 times a week i have been out there running. RAGNAR HE we come. I cant wait. RUN EAT SLEEP? REPEAT. i have been told im on an amazing team. I CANT WAIT TO SPEND time with these girls and get to know them. i can tell they are amazing runners. Thank you so much to my handsome for the support and to kim for introducing me to this. its nice to learn how to push myself to such an accomplishment. EVERY runner out there i just always want to shout to you YOU GOT THIS!! HERE IS TO RUNNING!!! cheers. about 5 or so weeks to go!! 


Sunday, September 23, 2012

Maui has Been Revealed

Me And my handsome Had an amazing oppertunity to travel to MAUI. Tanner got out of the army in september and Our 3rd anniversary was august 7th. so we decided to Celebrate . And since he was not here for Anniversary 1 or 2 we Celebrated OUR 3rd LArge. Maui is the most amazing Place i have ever been. Better then, carribean, mexico and california. I had the time of my life spending 9 days with the love of my life. Tanner is my best friend. . My mom and pops went to maui 10 years ago . I went off of my moms amazing itinerary she made along with buying the updated version of MAUI REVEALED book. I read and planned our trip to the T. i wanted to get the most out of our trip. Enjoy the journey as i take you through our days.

Day 1 Stand up paddle boarding. : As i read my book i saw a picture of stand up paddle boarding and new this was something i wanted to try. Well to our luck our apartment was right by cove park a huge beach for paddle boarding.

This first picture was taken at about 7 am when i woke up. Locals love to take their dogs out to paddle. I love it. 
Tanner and i ready to venture out to the waves

 Tanner was pretty dang good. he definately lasted a lot longer then i did.

 I did pretty decent
However i did look like this a lot.
For dinner we went to the HUMUHUMUNUKUNUKUAPUA'A. My mom told me if we were to dine in at one expensive restaurant this should be it. WE both had delicious salmon and delicious dessert. the only thing i wish is that we had a reservation when it was still daylight so we could dine at sunset.

 Grass hut at the GRand Wailea

 Our first sunset. I dont think i would ever get sick of palm trees at sunset
 Maui sunset at the grand wailea
 Aligator eating photographer
 The humuhumunukunukuapua'a

 Delicious dessert

DaY two: Haleakala Crater. we woke up at 2:30 ate packed our snow gear and headed 2 hours to the crater. it is 10,000 elevation. thus a very twisty windy road. its pretty popular to bike down it but we chose to save the cash and drive. which im so happy for. cause it was pretty dang cold. Up there is so beautiful. we arrived at 515 A.M. and all you could see were 1 million stars and lots of clouds. we were above all the clouds it was awesome.
The night before i said. Man i really dont want to wake up at 230 and tanner said well lets not. but i thought you know. i heard its so awesome and i dont really want to miss it. 

 im so happy that we just went. it was the neatest view i have ever seen.

Dont worry i could have still used my gloves. It was 47 degrees and pretty windy. 
so glad i didnt listen to the people that said oh you just need a sweatshirt. ya right! i had long sleeve plus under armor plus sweatshirt plus beanie plus blanket winter socks i was just right . 

 The huge group.
 wait for it.......
 and here it is the moment we have waited for.
 I love him so much.

After the sunrise we snorkeled and then can you guess??? the surfing monkey caught our attention. best shaved ice in my life. the lady there was so nice too. we always got icecream at the bottom. and two different flavs.
 Best part? walking distance from our apartment.
 nothing better then slurping ice facing the ocean. dont let tanners face be deceiving. he really did enjoy it.
 love all the flowers.

 The Punahoa beach apartments. we were the right end second floor from top.

That concludes this post. hold up for the next few days of MAUI

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

THe Last 8 years of Tanners LIfe.

The Start to a New Chapter.

8 Years ago My Handsome soldier 17 years of age, fearlessly joined United States Army Reserve. Many neighbors, friends, and family tried talking him out of it. Tanner Did not take their advice into account. He joined anyways. He graduated a year later and got taken to boot camp. Later which his family all joined him for his graduation.

This is where I came into play. Couple weeks after he arrived home we got set up on a date. Tanner liked me a lot. I of which did not realize. We dated on and off for 9 months. Went to california and FELL IN LOVE. That is the place I found out how much he liked me. He had not let me know this  the whole time; you may ask why???

2 weeks later He wrote me a love letter and was off to iraq. That is why.

He didn't want to make me feel pinned down to wait for 14 months for him so he left it all up to me. Well two weeks went by and I knew I was in LOVE. I hurried and wrote him a love letter back saying TANNER I WANT TO WAIT FOR YOU. 6 years later I can still remember him receiving that letter. I was at my room mates, friends homecoming get together and tanner called and was soooooo excited I would wait. Through that deployment tanner wrote many many letters postcards and sent packages and planned a surprise birthday homecoming for me. He is the most amazing Soldier I know. He worked soooo hard to show me his love through such a long year. He fulfilled his deployment duties to the fullest. He never backed out of any missions, or duties he was asked to do. Tanner got in many road side bomb accidents, and still never backed out on the next. I am the proudest wife. This deployment really tried my faith I relied on my families faith that he would come home to me. Tanner however knew that he would come home. He had so much faith. I was so in love with him. I couldn't wait to see him and have him come back.

14 months later he arrived to Utah. a soldier's homecoming is prob the most patriotic, amazing and emotional thing I could witness. Soldiers stepping off the airplane running to their wives, kids girlfriends and families. I just jumped into tanners arms with so much joy of him being home. The stress was pulled off all of our shoulders. Tanners mom and I became so close through this deployment. We started off not hardly knowing each other at all and to this day we are still so close. I am so lucky to have the in laws I have. The faith of my parents is huge. I could always rely on calling my mom to re assure me that tanner in fact would come home. I love you guys.

The following year in half was quite Difficult. We fought constantly breaking up and getting back together again. I loved tanner so much yet he was dealing with the stuff from iraq. Which was a lot. Finally a year in a half later HE asked me to be his wife. AHHH hurray at that point there was no shadow of a doubt that tanner was in love. And KNEW with all his heart that he was ready to marry me. He was a totally different man. I was soooooooo happy. We worked so hard to make it to the temple and that day was a day to remember. The smiles on my face and on his face can never be forgotten.

One year later he got orders to deploy to Afghanistan. Nooooo I was devastated. I was soooo afraid for him to leave me. All it took for me to break into tears was to picture him saying good bye at the terminal. Ahh still breaks my heart. For that first year we attended the temple once a month. I needed all the comfort and faith I could get. Tanner is the most courageous man I know. He kept strong and all though sad to leave he was def. My rock leading up to the day.

Afghanistan was prob the hardest of the two deployments. HE couldn't tell me anything due to the base he was on. He was a higher rank, there fore much more busy. I just waited for that phone call each day to hear all was ok. We had a horrific accident in march that tanner watched happen and was able to help his buddies and we had our first casualty happen to a close soldier. That day was devastating for our guys. How amazing are they. I felt very proud that I could attend the funeral and viewing in place of tanner. I love him sooooo much. I was able to record and get photos of the whole thing to make a film for tanners buddies. This deployment he was very strong and went through so much. I was very very afraid of tanner not coming home to me. My bishop challenged me to go to the temple weekly for the last few months. I am so happy to report that I did do that. I know that tanner and each guy was watched upon by the angels and each of our prayers answered. Even though it seemed like most times they weren't Anne's husband did say. “NO Keep those prayers coming, I see them being answered daily.” I just love anne and love tim. They both helped me get through this deployment as well.

October came and the day I would see tanner finally arrived!! I woke up feeling like I would be getting married again!! I had butterflies in my stomach. I am A PROUD Wife. Tanner and I did it. 7 years in the military for me and 8 Years for him. What an accomplishment. We arrived at HILL AIR FORCE BASE and all sat in the hanger waiting and waiting. I thought for sure there would be a delay because that is how the army works. DELAYS!!!! Nope right on time. They opened those doors and out was the run way. I sat in tears watching that airplane circle around and land. What an emotional moment. Tanner was coming home to me. All but one of the guys would be coming home. My heart goes out to the Arruda family. And to all those soldiers who lost such an amazing man. I was so lucky to have jen film and anne olsen take pictures. They captured everything to the T. I jumped into tanners arms and just kissed and kissed him and couldn't stop smiling. I was happy to say that I did it. I was the girl that got to support this Courageous, handsome, Brave soldier.

ONE year later has past and it is time to say farewell. Those 8 years brought JOY, tears, excitement, learning, emotions, faith, prayers and so much more. Tanner is the most amazing soldier I know. He Fulfilled that contract to the most highest. He can get out with no regret. I love him so much. It will be a huge change for my handsome and prob be hard at times knowing he will never deploy again. But he will finish school and hopefully make it into the DEA. He is such a hard worker. Tanner is my best friend in the whole wide world. Even though we fought a lot. We also kissed a lot. He never gave up on me. He is the most forgiving guy I know.

Tanner thank you so much for your service. For having so much faith. Your guys will miss you so much. Thank you so much for asking me to be your wife. The 3rd year is the charm. And here is to many many more. You did 8 amazing years in the army reserves.

Here are some photos of AFG and our reunion # Two

 Soldiers Prayer
 Tanners Sweet Ride
 The Cute monkey they bought for 7 hours. ISnt tanner HOT
 AWWW Best Moment in that YEar
 We are so in love
 So happy to be in these arms

Anne is the most amazing friend i know. She is an incredible mother of three girls who all missed their daddy and husband for 18 months. I couldnt have gone through this without her. I love you anne. WE DID IT!!!

 Today is the day.!!! these pictures that were taken will forever stay in my heart. my friend aubree did an amazing job. Tanner is my most favorite friend i have, he is mr fix and always there to help me. we fight yet we know how to communicate to work it out. i love him so much and i am so proud of the two of us for making it through these 8 years. Here is to our new chapter . I love you my tan man supa man

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


OUr amazing agent. GIna is amazing!!!!!
WE are officially homeowners yippee!!!!
Our cute little cottage. dont worry that bush will be removed in a few weeks. there is a window behind it.

Today is the day we closed on our house. YIPEE !!!!

July 14 2011 I drove past 4 houses, Tanner had picked them up via afghanistan internet and sent me to them. I hated all but 1. I ran home told my mom i just found my house. her and my dad jumped in the car to go check it out . Thats where our journey began. Husband deployed and wife found a house. UH OH. It has been an absolute roller coaster. I have learned patience, excitement, frustration, tears, fighting, praying constantly, and everything else possible. I could teach a class on buying a short sale. 3 words for you. DONT DO IT. I would never recommend buying a short sale ever again unless you are ok with a process like ours. every time we would turn around with happy news it was followed with bad news. every time without fail. all the way down to two days prior to closing. Me and tanner have learned alot through this process. I KNOW PRAYERS are answered. i prayed and prayed through this whole process. each time we would get bad news never fail it did come with a miracle. we are sooooooooo excited right now. i want to thank my parents hugely for supporting us and being so upbeat about our house. they would drive past it every sunday after church. i would like to thank tanners parents for all their support and help in the final stages. we just did our last walk through. dont you worry our puppy gunner pooped in the house and on the welcome mat outside the door. he is just as excited. we are so ecstatic to buy our first house and move in to it and call it home. it is my cottage i always wanted, just a newer version. i have it all decorated in my mind, cant wait to get it out of my mind and on the walls and floors. thanks to all my friends who supported me in the long 7 in half months. I am soooo greatful to tanner who even though had doubts along the way still supported me and comforted me through our fights and tears about it. i just new it was my home and i didnt want to walk away and let anybody else take it. we are in love.

We had amazing landlords for 2 in half years. they were sooooo good to us through everything. i will miss them so much. they are the sweetest people i know. however i cant wait for my next journey in life. Our first 2 in half years was in a basement apt. with a deployment. our next journey will be a house with a new puppy and hopefully children when the time is right. 2012 will be a great year i believe. cant wait to buy cute rocking chairs for the outside and sip my lemonade on those hot summer nights. and have bbq's. CHEERS to one heck of a 7 months. OH HEY!!!!!!!!!!

Also my agent gina allen has been amazing to work with i just love her.!!!!