Friday, May 10, 2013

IT's OFFICIAL i'm running RAGNAR

September 2012
So tanner started to love running. He always wanted me to go running but i didn't enjoy it. My knees always hurt. So i thought maybe it's my shoes. they feel really heavy. So for my birthday we went to wasatch running where i was fitted for a pair of GOOD shoes. SAuconey's is what i ended up with. WEll i hit the track again and still didn't love it so i kinda gave up on it and decided i liked the eliptical a lot better. 

March 2013 
I started thinking about running again however breathing was always very hard for me. I LOVED running in elementary school but as i got into high school i developed excercised induced asthma. So that was another factor for me. I hate running cause i cant breathe. So this month i started thinking hmmm maybe i will try an inhaler again and test that out again. Sure enough it had started helping . Stephanie nielson MY HEro posted a video about ragnar. (she raced then had her flight crash well the following year her same team ran again for her.) well a couple on the team were running were hit by a texting driver and the husband was killed and the wife was critical. so she posted the video to remember them) WELL it looked like a lot of fun. Tanner REALLY wanted to run it. so we TExted KIM VAN KOMEN "hey is your team co ed?" "no its not how come?" "well Because tanner wants to run it but doesnt have a team" "WEll YOU should run it. TANNER: Ya juli you should train. So. I thought ok ill test it. LONG STORY SHORT:

MAY 2013
I have now been running about 9 weeks. IT HAS BEEN HARD. I started out 1/2 mile straight then a mile. week 3 I hated it. WE had run in 30 degree weather, snow, rain, whatev. I told tan and kim i hate it. im not progressing and im not walking ragnar. my legs dont allow me to keep going they give up so easily. KIm handed me dumbells and said to start doing lunges. WOW it worked. I ran 2 miles at the OVAL with stopping a tiny bit then the next day i ran three miles. OK maybe i will keep testing it. Well a week ago or so i had to run 80 min and guess what>> ?? I DID only stopping a bit on mountain view corridor. WOW I was totally impressed. MAYBE I Can RUN RAGNAR. I AM A Runner!!! I dedicate this race to tanner and KIM i could not have done it with out them. Tanner has run with me just about every time i go out. he is my biggest fan. at the beginning it was so cute. to see how EXcited he would get for me. he kept cheering me on and when i told him to keep going he would say nope im doing this for you. im staying with you. he is the sweetest husband in the world. KIm has always been there for me cheering me on. Every good run i would text her so proud of myself. 

Tanner and I have yet to have children so therefore this is my biggest accomplishment in my LIFE> I have HAd to work hard for this. for you who running comes simple i envy you. HOwever when i thought about quitting i thought man i dont want to have to re tell people i gave up. so i just decided to keep trying. i think about the finish line and i get so excited. I told tanner i just want you at the finish line i cant wait to jump in your arms. and even his mom totally wants to be there. isnt that the most supportive mother in law. so sweet. 4 times a week i have been out there running. RAGNAR HE we come. I cant wait. RUN EAT SLEEP? REPEAT. i have been told im on an amazing team. I CANT WAIT TO SPEND time with these girls and get to know them. i can tell they are amazing runners. Thank you so much to my handsome for the support and to kim for introducing me to this. its nice to learn how to push myself to such an accomplishment. EVERY runner out there i just always want to shout to you YOU GOT THIS!! HERE IS TO RUNNING!!! cheers. about 5 or so weeks to go!! 


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Ashley & Steve said...

I'm so jealous! I really really really wish I could have done it with you! :( You GO GIRL! I am so proud of you!