Sunday, September 23, 2012

Maui has Been Revealed

Me And my handsome Had an amazing oppertunity to travel to MAUI. Tanner got out of the army in september and Our 3rd anniversary was august 7th. so we decided to Celebrate . And since he was not here for Anniversary 1 or 2 we Celebrated OUR 3rd LArge. Maui is the most amazing Place i have ever been. Better then, carribean, mexico and california. I had the time of my life spending 9 days with the love of my life. Tanner is my best friend. . My mom and pops went to maui 10 years ago . I went off of my moms amazing itinerary she made along with buying the updated version of MAUI REVEALED book. I read and planned our trip to the T. i wanted to get the most out of our trip. Enjoy the journey as i take you through our days.

Day 1 Stand up paddle boarding. : As i read my book i saw a picture of stand up paddle boarding and new this was something i wanted to try. Well to our luck our apartment was right by cove park a huge beach for paddle boarding.

This first picture was taken at about 7 am when i woke up. Locals love to take their dogs out to paddle. I love it. 
Tanner and i ready to venture out to the waves

 Tanner was pretty dang good. he definately lasted a lot longer then i did.

 I did pretty decent
However i did look like this a lot.
For dinner we went to the HUMUHUMUNUKUNUKUAPUA'A. My mom told me if we were to dine in at one expensive restaurant this should be it. WE both had delicious salmon and delicious dessert. the only thing i wish is that we had a reservation when it was still daylight so we could dine at sunset.

 Grass hut at the GRand Wailea

 Our first sunset. I dont think i would ever get sick of palm trees at sunset
 Maui sunset at the grand wailea
 Aligator eating photographer
 The humuhumunukunukuapua'a

 Delicious dessert

DaY two: Haleakala Crater. we woke up at 2:30 ate packed our snow gear and headed 2 hours to the crater. it is 10,000 elevation. thus a very twisty windy road. its pretty popular to bike down it but we chose to save the cash and drive. which im so happy for. cause it was pretty dang cold. Up there is so beautiful. we arrived at 515 A.M. and all you could see were 1 million stars and lots of clouds. we were above all the clouds it was awesome.
The night before i said. Man i really dont want to wake up at 230 and tanner said well lets not. but i thought you know. i heard its so awesome and i dont really want to miss it. 

 im so happy that we just went. it was the neatest view i have ever seen.

Dont worry i could have still used my gloves. It was 47 degrees and pretty windy. 
so glad i didnt listen to the people that said oh you just need a sweatshirt. ya right! i had long sleeve plus under armor plus sweatshirt plus beanie plus blanket winter socks i was just right . 

 The huge group.
 wait for it.......
 and here it is the moment we have waited for.
 I love him so much.

After the sunrise we snorkeled and then can you guess??? the surfing monkey caught our attention. best shaved ice in my life. the lady there was so nice too. we always got icecream at the bottom. and two different flavs.
 Best part? walking distance from our apartment.
 nothing better then slurping ice facing the ocean. dont let tanners face be deceiving. he really did enjoy it.
 love all the flowers.

 The Punahoa beach apartments. we were the right end second floor from top.

That concludes this post. hold up for the next few days of MAUI

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