Sunday, October 23, 2011


I woke up october 15th. I felt the same exact way i did August 7th. Our wedding day. I could not have been more excited, relieved, more at peace, happy, and full of motivation than i did this morning. I sent tanner to his first training july 10th 2010, and said good bye 5 different times. It was prob the hardest, saddest, draining year of my life. I have so much pride. I love tanner so much my words could not explain. I dreamed of this day the way most girls dream of their wedding day. and it turned out 100 percent what i had hoped for. seeing tanner for the first time was soooo happy. as i watched the airplane fly into hill air force base i got all teary eyed. WE did it is what first came to mind. at times i didnt think i could make it. i prayed some days 5 times. asking for the safety of tanner and his battle buddies. I was truly blessed. i know tanner was watched after. i know my prayers were answered. Me and tanner survived our last deployment together. It feels soooo amazing. I will never have to go through that again. Tanner I love you
I love this picture.
we are so Happy to be in each others arms again.
I have so many people to thank. My mom and dad supported perfect. My mom never let me leave without giving me a huge hug since tanner wasnt here to do so. my dad was always so upbeat and happy. and always asked how SWEETY (tanner) was. tanners parents and family. His mom always hand delivered my flowers for tanner each holiday. i could not have survived without these to families. always took care of me. My room mates for always checking on me and keeping me involved. whitney especially. She cooked me dinner so many times and always came to my house to keep me company. of course tanner. he called very often and did his best keeping our marriage afloat. and my church members. going to church each week would motivate me for the following week. and so many other people. i love everyone who helped me. i will admit i was not always the nicest person. you would be able to tell if i was very stressed or had a bad conversation with tanner cause would be very awnery. but i am now very happy and motivated. i can now say I LOVE MY LIFE.

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Ashley & Steve said...

Welcome Home Tanner!!! :)