Monday, October 31, 2011


Tanner chuckin his rocks.

One friday we decided to take a walk. Now if you know me and tanner you know we love DAYBREAK. well we came around the bend and saw a million seaguls. The child in tanner just had to throw a rock at them. so He threw a small rock and sure enough all the seagulls arose all together and started flying around and squacking. well we didnt have the camera dang it. so we waited till sunday to come back. well we didnt see many birds in the first part of the lake so we kept on walking. and came to this part. well we threw many rocks and the birds must have been immune. cause they didnt do awhole lot. so i said lets just sit here for awhile im sure something will happen. a husband and wife decided to go canoeing and as soon as they threw their canoe in the water the birds all arose together and once again flew in circles. its so awesome!! I just love having tanner home with me. going back to daybreak on our weekly walks.

Ducks, seagulls, and geese chillen

Here they are right as the canoe landed in the water
Flying around in circles
Birds in Flight
AHHHH they are going to poop on me

Me just chillen in the nice fall weather with my husband.
I love you tanner

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Zabriskie Family said...

So fun to live so close to Daybreak! It is a super fun place to play!