Monday, October 31, 2011


All of a sudden Anne and I realized OH MY the guys are coming home pretty soon we better do one last girls night. But we were both so busy and didnt have much time so we chose to have BREAKFAST FOR DINNER. it was fun and quick. Well I love these girls and the three lil ones did AMAZING during their daddies deployment. THey def had rough days but all in all i think they did great. So i decided to make them hot pink posters telling them how much i love them along with a bag of ring pops cause what little girl doesnt like those? we have had a blast during the 16 months our guys have been gone and we have had sad times and awnery times. We are BFF's
EMMA modeling fashionista
laura. and her treat was the push up sucker in the other photo and boy did she love it!
savannah she loves getting her picture taken i took about 5
Sweet emma
and Savannah also loves!!! to take photos
Cute laura
Savannah was so into her hot chocolate.

Thanks again girls for being my best friend through such a hard year. I wouldnt have gotten through it without you guys.

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Zabriskie Family said...

Finally got around to checking blogs again. What a fun day! The girls loved their posters and treats. You were so good for them that year, They absolutely love "Aunt Juli"!