Saturday, March 19, 2011

Flowers for grandma and Ring

So me and tanner decided to get his grandma some flowers. I had been wanting to do so for a few months. well I finally did. Isnt she so cute? and she just loved them. And i was able to sit and chat with her for a while. i love talking with grandmas especially about when they were my age its so great to hear how it was in their generation. Tanner I love you so much and your grandma absolutely loves them.

Ok so Me and tanner both suck at surprises. WE just get so dang excited!!! so one day he said so i bought you a surprise and the next day he said "so do you want to know what i got you? cause im so excited." lol i just love him. he told me he got me a ring. Now tanner Loves getting me authentic jewelry from where he deploys and i SO love it. He just puts so much thought into what he gets me. When he was in iraq he got me awesome necklaces and earings i love them. so luckily our friend tim came home on R.R and tanner sent the ring with him so i would get it sooner. Well friday came and TA DA isnt it so cute? hand made from afghanistan. Tanner told me they go hunting through the mountains around there for the gems. I Just jewelry from places like iraq and afghanistan knowing the conditions of the place. And i love tanner so very much for his thoughtfulness in always thinking what he can get me. Tanner if you read this your my best friend!! thank you so much.

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Zabriskie Family said...

I am so glad he was able to bring in home for you. I can't wait for tomorrow, But we can NOT stay up all night like we usually do:)