Saturday, March 19, 2011


It was so much fun to get together with my dear friend Keesha. We explored many D.I's this day. One in salt lake and then one on Highland drive (which was so hard for us to find. Luckily we didn't give up cause this is where i found My awesome find. A lamp. We spray painted frames, made a lamp and i tried to get a mirror out which ended in me breaking the mirror and slashing my thumb. dont worry i got it all on film. for tanner of course. ( again im sorry for breakin it keesh:)
I love Blog land. I have seen these super cute stereo cabinets all over different blogs. Well i decided i really wanted one. i was done having that large entertainment center in my house. so I had been searching the D.I. for a while and ksl. No luck for a few weeks. one morning i thought ok i guess i will call jen ( she is the ksl queen and can find anything. see that green end table she found that for me for just 5 dollars) anyways i call her and explain what i want. Her reply "oh ya i found one yesterday for 25 dollars." oh my heck are you serious? luckily i found out that yep it hadnt sold it was totally meant to be mine. So here is the before. I love it.
got so excited about this that i didnt get a total before. the whole thing was hideous brass. 6 dollars at the highland D.I
And same with this frame. brass. I got this from a yard sale for 2 dollars. OH HEY!!!!
Almost done. I am loving it.
The beginning of a huge project.
First things first i had to sand the whole thing. I then vacuumed most of it before washing it.
Two coats of primer.
Two coats of cream. Don't ya just love the record player and Vintage radio? I do.
Then every idea i had for the speaker boxes had cost alot so i came up with this idea. This is plastic shield for your ceiling lights. 4 dollars I was going to leave it clear but then i thought maybe it would look cheap so i decided to test and see if it was paintable. of course it was. so i primed it and painted. and antiqued a bit.
Here it is all done. I love love it. However we have an old box t.v so it looks ghetto on top. Possibly tanner will want to buy an updated tv when he arrives home to see me. 29 dollars total. Gotta love projects that keep me busy for 2 weeks while tanner is serving our country.
Dont you just love the detail. I sure do however it is a pain to paint it. I didnt enjoy that part.

Here is my finished lamp. dont those blocks make you smile? they put a huge smile on my face
And here is my 2 dollar frame. So freakin cute.
The End.

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LOVE the new furniture!