Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Yellow Ribbon
Tanners unit sent us all to vegas for family briefings. We got there at like 10:45 friday night. it was nice to go with the whole unit. I now know why tanner always takes so long. its tough to get 150 guys through airport checkin and hotel checkin let alone having them
all bring someone. Sat 8 till 4 were briefings. and lots of info given to us about the deployment. afterwards the hotel wanted to do something nice for all of us so they held social event giving out free drinks. we then caught a taxi to the strip and gambled, and ate dinner. WE just love tim and anne. Higgins another guy in their platoon came along with us. sunday was more briefings after we swam and waited to go home. which took another 5 hours to get home.

The awesome dinner we got on our charter flight.
You gotta love a smiley face
Me and handsome at johnny rockets
Tim and anne we love themGotta love a man in uniform

Me and tan man at the water show
LT Higgins. he just won big. yes I helped him win 25 of that.

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