Sunday, August 22, 2010

Tanner D Nelsen Julianne Nelsen

This is the man i am in love with. It has been a wonderful one year for the two of us. also i feel as i look back it has gone by quite quickly. We have done tons of fun things together, camping with both our families, wednesday picnic days, many many walks at daybreak, got my new set of blades, lots of dessert nights, gone to the temple many times, faught, laughed, california, disneyland, midnight betos run, hung out with the fam, hiked, and loads of other fun stuff. In january we found out that for sure he would be deploying, so we jammed in as much stuff as we could think of. it has been a very hard 8 months. the anticipation has killed tanner and I. we have cried and while i cry he just holds me. Tan rocks at cuddle time. July 10 through sept 13 he is gone. ST louis, fort irwin, and new jersey. Been a very emotional time for me. luckily i have had tons of support and friends to hang out with. I get to jump in his arms september 13th and i cant wait. he loves me with all his heart. and i am so blessed for that. i couldnt ask for more. He will deploy oct 7th and that will be quite challenging. I was told by my bishop: one day at a time or even one hour at a time. he is 100 percent correct. when i think of 13 months it overwhelms me and i get very sad. but the fact that i have such a handsome husband who loves and cares for me we both can get through this. AFG will be the last deployment and 9 months he will be out of the service. Tanner is a responsible, humble and righteous man. I am so proud of him. he is an amazing soldier.

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**MIGNONNE** said...

Oh you sweet thing. I can't imagine how hard it would be to have your brand new hubby deployed. I want to personally thank him and you for for the sacrifices that you are both making. I cherish my freedom and appreciate those who fight to keep it. You two are adorable!