Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I Know I am behind but this is the least of my worries. Easter this year was very fun. My mom made a treasure map for each kid. They had to go find each egg which was a piece to the puzzle to find out where their easter basket was. They all had alot of fun. I have such fun and darling nieces and nephews. with two more girls on the way. I cant wait. 
Me and ruby after she found her basket. 
Me and one of the cutest dogs ever. 
Luke Just found one of his cool treasures on his easter egg hunt
Still seaching...

and searching 
Me and My handsome. I love him
Scotts fam reviewing their map before they began
My mom Helping ruby Look for her treasures
Issac with his treasure map 

This is where you can usually find the boys. All playing nintendo


Jenniflower said...

Man....I love our family! You are a terrific Aunt! Oh, and Tanner will be a fabulous Uncle!

The Adams said...

Oh it's never too late to post things :) Love the pics. So cute.